GPP issue video call on malnutrition targeting the G7

Global Poverty  Project has compiled a short YouTube video calling on the G7 to act on nutrition to deliver the G7’s 2015 commitment to raise 500 million people out of hunger and malnutrition. The video underlines the work Global Poverty Project and its Global Citizen brand has been doing to promote the cause of malnutrition at the G7 since 2015. Global Poverty Project is asking the G7 to commit to an accountability framework to deliver on their 2015 commitment.

Global Poverty Project/Global Citizen have generated over 68,000 signatures on their petition to the G7 leaders and will be attending the G7 International Media Centre in Ise-City to cover the G7 Summit.

The G7 is due to discuss the issue of hunger and nutrition at the G7 Summit and it is thought that they will refer to the Nutrition for Growth Summit scheduled to be held in Rio in August, as well as supporting an accountability framework on the 2015 hunger and nutrition commitment. However, it is not thought the Japanese G7 will advance the issue greatly as the Italian government is said to be keen to champion food at its G7 next year.