Trump to attend G7 – Putin, not so much

Since the election of Donald Trump as US President, there have been rumours that Russia would be invited back to the G7 table – Russia was suspended (but, interestingly, not formally rejected) by the G7 in 2014 as part of the G7 country sanctions against its invasion of the Crimea.

However, the Italian Presidency today put paid to those rumours when the Prime Minister announced  in a press conference with the UK Prime Minister, that there would be no invite to President Putin to attend the Taormina Summit. The G7 will remain as the G7 this year, but Russia officially remains a suspended member.

However, the White House Spokesman confirmed on Monday that President Trump will attend the G7 Summit as part of his first European tour as well as attending a Nato Summit. Trump’s attendance was not certain given his new approach to international relations.