Italy republishes its agenda priorities

The Italian government has republished its 3 agenda priorities which it had earlier retracted from its website at the same time civil society had raised concerns about the migration language. The new post on the website,, the G7 priorities remain the same but the language on migration is now put within a Human Mobility approach under the Citizen Security pillar.

Civil society had written to the G7 Sherpa expressing their worries about the language and suggesting that the original configuration of the priorities had put migration in a negative light – focused on G7 Citizen Security, alongside terrorism: civil society put forward that Italy should start from a Human Mobility approach. The government later removed the priorities posts from the newly launched G7 website. Today, the government has republished the post, and, although migration remains in the Citizen Security pillar, it uses Human Mobility approach language.

Whether the changes came about as a result of civil society or picked up as a mistake by members of the Sherpa team, the government’s quick response and sensitivity on the use of language around migration will be welcomed by groups working on the G7.