Italian G7 site retracts its 3 priorities post

The Italian government has removed a post detailing its three priority pillars for the 2017 G7 from its brand new G7 website. The post detailed the three pillars of the G7 agenda which included: citizen safety; economic, environmental and social sustainability and reduction of inequalities; innovation, skills and labor in the age of the New Production Revolution. The image capture below shows the graphic that was prominent on the website and the removed post.

NGOs working on the G7 were deeply concerned that refugees and migration issues had been put into the Citizen Safety pillar along with terrorism, suggesting the Italian government and the G7 were viewing  these issues from the perspective of national security. NGOs pressed the government to remove refugees and migration from this pillar and take a more comprehensive joint responsibility approach.

There is no information on the Italian G7 website as to why it has removed its priorities post – the link now just leads to a page saying access denied (see image above). The Italian government has not yet formally released its Summit agenda and the priorities were the nearest indicator of the Summit’s focus so far.