G7 Sherpas

Here is a list of the G7 Sherpas.

As the Sherpas are not usually politicians and are civil servants, their appointments are not always announced and their contact details are difficult to find. The State of Change tries to keep on top of the changes to ensure the list is up-to-date but cannot verify all the details are correct. The email and postal addresses can be accessed here  – this is subscriber only access, to subscribe to this State of Change channel, click here.



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.12.07 AMPeter Michael Boehm, is an Associate Deputy Minister at the  Ministry of Global Affairs and is the Canadian G7 & G20 Sherpa. He is a career diplomat and was the the ambassador of Canada to Germany from 2008 to 2012.

Twitter: @DMEDev (833 followers)




Poitr Serafin is the Head of the Cabinet for the EU Commission President Tusk and is the G7/G20 Sherpa.

Serafin is a career civil servant who previously worked with President Tusk when Tusk was the President of Poland.

Twitter: @Piotr_Serafin (5,721 followers)





Mr. Jacques Audibert, G7 & G20 Sherpa and Special Diplomatic Advisor to President Hollande.

A diplomat who has held ministerial office and worked in the Bonn, Hanoi, Quebec and London embassies. He was also Director General for Political Affairs in the Quai D’Orsay for 5 years. He joined President Holland’s team at the Elysee in 2014.

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Dr. Lars-Hendrik Röller is the Economic and Financial Policy Advisor to the Federal Chancellor and G7/G20 Sherpa.

Dr Roller is Chancellor Merkel’s economic advisor. Much of his  career has been in academia, working in universities and think tanks in the US and Europe. In 2011, he was appointed as head of the Economic and Financial Department in the Federal Chancellery and took on the role of G7 & G20 Sherpa.

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Raffaele Trombetta is the G7 & G20 Sherpa and works in the Prime Minister’s Office. He recently was appointed the new Italian Sherpa when the new Prime Minister took over in late 2016. Mr Trombetta is a career civil servant and has held posts in embassies including Colombia, China, UK, Brussels. Most recently, he was the Italian Ambassador to Brazil.

Twitter: @RafTrombetta although the account seems to be closed.



Mr. Keiichi Katakami is a Deputy Foreign Minister and G7/G2o Sherpa. He was previously the Japanese Ambassador to the EU.

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Mr. Simon Case is the G7 & G20 Sherpa. He is the Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister. Previously, he was Director of Strategy at GCHQ. He has held posts in the Northern Ireland Office and the Cabinet Office, as well as Private Secretary and later as Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister to the previous UK Prime Minister.

Twitter: @simon_case (343 followers)



Kenneth I. Juster is the G7 & G20 Sherpa and is the Deputy Assistant to the President for International Economic Affairs. He was was appointed to the role by President Trump in late January 2017. He has held previous positions in the government including Under Secretary of Commerce, Counselor (Acting) of the Department of State and Deputy and Senior Advisor to Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence S. Eagleburger (1989-1992). His private sector roles include global investment firm Warburg Pincus and the law firm Arnold & Porter.


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