Civil Society Plans G7 Related Events in the Lead-up to Ise-Shima

Japanese civil society are planning a series of events to take-place alongside key G7 Ministerial meetings over the course of the next month. The events and links are listed below – they will also be added to the calendar.

April 24, Niigata — coinciding with the G7 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting
Food mileage seminar by Niigata International Volunteer Centre

April 27, Tokyo —
CS-hosted SDGs sub-session at the GCPPD: Global Conference of Parliamentarians on Population and Development

April 27, Tokyo —
Youth forum on G7 by A SEED Japan

April 27, Osaka —
G7 into symposium by the Tokai Citizens Summit Network (our local co-host for the May G7 Alternative Summit)

May 14-15, Toyama — coinciding with the G7 Environmental Ministers’ Meeting
Environmental Citizen’s Forum (May 14) & Earth Day Festival (May 15)

May 20, Tokyo —
International symposium on climate change and energy, by JACSES, FoE, Kiko Network, Greenpeace Japan

May 14, Okayama — coinciding with the G7 Education Ministers’ Meeting
Symposium with the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarti