G7 NGOs Meet to Strategise

Over 50 NGOs meet in Rome in late January for their annual face-to-face strategy meeting on the G7 Summit. The meeting shared advocacy and campaigning plans in the lead-up to the G7 Summit and related Ministerials and, on the last day of the meeting, met with the G7 Sherpa in a formal roundtable.

The meeting is the annual strategy meeting of the G7 Global Taskforce, an informal group of over 80 NGOs working on G7 Summits. The group meets to share information and plot out a strategy for coordinated and joint advocacy and campaigning actions for the year ahead. According to the information shared, much of the NGO policy focus will be on food security and nutrition, migration and health. These all played a major role in the discussions.

The meeting with the Sherpas, while quite formal and no time allocated for deeper discussion of the issues raised, was a convivial affair with open sharing of information from both civil society and the Sherpas. The issues presented to the Sherpas included migration, food security and nutrition, health, gender, and migration. Engaging with the Sherpas is a traditional event in the G7 calendar – a practice started by the Russian presidency of the G8 back in 2006.

Photo: Global Citizen. org