G7 News – week of the 21st March

Here is bits and pieces of news on the G7 this week. It will be added to during the week as new information comes in:

  • G7 Sherpa to change: Rumours are that one of the G7 Sherpas will step down at the end of March when they move to a new position in the government. There is no news on the new Sherpa but it will be a difficult brief to take over the position just over 2 months away from the Summit.
  • The Sri Lankia Guardian is reporting that President Maithripala Sirisena has been invited as one of the Outreach leaders to attend the G7. The G7 usually invites a number of countries from Africa, Asia as well as leaders of international organisations to attend some of the sessions. The full list of invitees should be released sometime soon by the Japanese government.
  • Drug pricing: it is reported President Hollande will ensure the G7 pushes pharmaceutical companies regulate the price of drugs.
  • The Civil G7 was a great success according to reports coming out of Kyoto. One attendee said the round-table with the G7 was one of the most productive since the creation of the G7 in 2006.
  • G7 Communique: news is that there is a draft version of the communique now in circulation with the G7 Sherpas.