G7 Alternative Forum at Environmental Ministers Meeting

G7 Environmental Ministers met on the 15th & 16th May in Toyama, Japan, to discuss the pressing issues on the environment. Their discussions included the SDGs, resource efficiencies and the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), biodiversity, climate change, chemical management, the role of cities and marine litter.

Their concluding communique made concrete and conclusive outcomes including clause 10 on the SDGs:

  1. For the purpose of promoting implementation globally, we will collaborate with each other on relevant actions. Through this collaboration, we will demonstrate our strong commitment to environmental issues in and beyond G7 members.

With such commitments, the Foreign Ministers are declaring that it won’t be business as usual for the SDGs.

On the 14th May, civil society came together at the People’s Environmental Forum to discuss pressing environmental concerns. The forum produced their own communique determine that they will commit to “shift[ing] from a material civilization to one prioritizing the environment and life. The group agreed to set up a platform for sharing information and continuing to work on shifting to a sustainable society.


G7 Environment Minister’s Communique

Toyama People’s Environmental Summit Communique


[Photo: Toyama Castle via Wikimedia Commons]