Call for G7 to act on Responsible Supply Chains

This is the season for G7 policy papers and the latest is a call on the G7 to act on Responsible Supply Chains. This paper was put together by a group of development, human rights, climate and labour NGOs and follows on the German G7’s commitment to act on this issue.

The position papers calls on the G7 to:

  • Follow on to the 2015 G7 commitments including reporting the progress in meeting these commitments in the G7 accountability report
  • Ensure transparency in reporting on supply chains
  • Strengthen the system of National Contact Points (NCPs)
  • Implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights by developing substantive National Action Plans on the basis of meaningful consultations with all stakeholders, including NGOs, trade unions, labor rights
    groups, and organisations representing persons affected by business activities
  • Take effective measures to address the erosion of social protection of workers and the risk of child labour in global supply chains, keeping with the Elmau commitments and in line with Sustainable Development Goals 8.7 and 8.8

The letter was signed on by 20 NGOs including Greenpeace, Save the Children, Transparency International, Human Rights Watch amongst others.

20160318 civil g7 letter_responsible supply chains_final

In a related note, the ITUC has launched an information hub on responsible supply chain management to help provide campaigning groups and advocates with useful resources. The ITUC has also released a report on state of global supply chains of 50 of the largest companies.