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Welcome to the G7 Channel brought to you by State of Change. This channel is the first of a planned series of channels on key global advocacy events and initiatives. The aim is to provide a hub for NGOs and other organisations working to deliver progressive change at the global level.

The G7 Channel will provide a mix of public information and members-only information to help inform the advocacy and industry sector on important developments and advocacy initiatives including  the agenda, news, reports and campaigning activities. The aim is to help leverage the work of those NGOs and groups working at the coal-face of an issues.

The members-only portion of the site that will allow for greater collaboration and information sharing between a smaller number of partner groups. This will be a clearing house of information and events to make planning smoother and increase collaboration across the sector. Members will receive an up-date report on a regular basis as well as access to materials to help them plan and strategise for the G7.

The member site is accessed through a subscription to the State of Change. Currently, as there is just one channel – the cost is $89 for 2016. As the State of Change picks up steam and more channels are opened we will expand the levels of membership up to three.  And we will be launching the monthly State of Change Report which will be the global campaigning & advocacy industries own sector report – coming soon.

To find out more about this channel, share news or relevant reports and campaigns, or to commission a new channel on a critical issue you are working on, contact the State of Change Team

The State of Change Team