2017 G7 Summit to focus on Africa and Migration

Prime Minister Renzi announced at the end of the Ise-Shima Summit that the 2017 G7 will be held in the picturesque town of Toarmina in Sicily on the 26th & 27th May. It was thought that Prime Minister Renzi, a former Mayor of Florence would host the G7 in his home town, but announced the change along with the focus on Africa and migration. Putting the G7 on the edge of Europe closet to Africa and the centre of the migration flows will underline the importance of this subject.

While groups welcomed the focus on Africa and migration, there was caution that the G7 needs to focus on the causes of migration and not just the effects. Luca De Fraia, Deputy Director of ActionAid Italy ,  stressed this point in their press release issued after Prime Minister Renzi made his announcement as well as an informative post on the Devspectator blog

Although the Japanese government will continue to chair the G7 up until the end of 2016, attention now moves to Italy to influence the agenda. While Africa and migration are headlining the agenda, NGOs will scramble to push other issues and it is understood there are internal discussions in the Italian government on which other development issues to address including education, women’s empowerment and health.


[Photo: Theatre at Toarmina, Sicily by Clemensfranz via Wikimedia Commons]